Will your business survive 2020?

Has your business been affected by COVID-19?

At this time of great uncertainty for humanity, we’re delighted to be able to supply essential PPE to protect your workforce, sourced through our established business contacts. We can also supply COVID-19 rapid testing kits to detect Coronavirus in 10 minutes, so you can self-isolate, or get back to work ASAP. And when you do reopen, we’ve got the tools & resources you need adapt to the ‘new normal’ way of doing business.

The PPE you need to stay safe

Protect your employees and ensure customer safety with CE Certified PPE including KN95 respirators, surgical face masks and shields, gloves and gowns. Sneeze guards coming soon! Order online for fast delivery from UK stock, or contact us for bulk order prices.

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COVID-19 coronavirus rapid test result

COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits

Time is of the essence in the fight against COVID-19 so reliable diagnosis on-site with immediate results and no need to send the sample to a lab and wait days for the result, is a big advantage. Order online for fast UK delivery, or contact us for bulk prices.

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Grow your business online

A global shift from offline to online sales, compounded by COVID-19, is one of many challenges facing brick & mortar businesses today. We can help you pivot your operation to take advantage of the online model, and build a more successful, resilient business.

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